Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Shapeshifter: Running The Risk - Ali Sparkes

Running The Risk
By: Ali Sparkes
Published: 2007
My rating: Wonderful

We loved Finding The Fox so much that we wanted to listen to the rest of the series. Imagine my dismay to discover our entire library network didn't have the audiobooks or the print versions of any of the rest available! We were so fascinated by the series that I decided to do something I rarely do, I bought them! I am so glad I did, this was a wonderful book and the kids begged me to keep reading every time I tried to stop!

Dax Jones has become quite accustomed to his shape-shifting ability, many times finding the freedom of being a fox preferable to his clumsier human form. Despite an unfortunate close call, he is very happy at Tregarren College and has developed into a fine young man, or fox as the case may be. However when stunning changes take place in Gideon's world, Dax fears he is losing his best friend. To make it worse, there seems to be something wrong with all of the Colas and Dax is determined to uncover the truth. In the end, what he discovers is far worse than he ever imagined, and could in fact be the end of Cola Club forever. Dax knows he is the only one who can rescue his classmates from a terrible evil but what can one small fox do against such power? Dax has to discover the secrets locked inside himself before he can hope to help the others.

We absolutely loved this book just as much as the first one! Ali's smooth writing style and excellent skills for writing dialog made this a pleasure to read! She also builds the action slowly but unrelentingly until it reaches an intense climax. When I threatened to stop reading for the evening with the final chapter to go, even my wife protested! We had to let the kids go to bed a little late so as to be able to find out what was going to happen!

Overall, this is a wonderful book in a wonderful series! We love these so much that we have decided it would be a crime to let our library network continue without them so we are going to donate them when we finish them so others can enjoy them as well! My only regret is my inability to do a good British accent while reading! Don't hesitate to get these if you can and read them to your kids....or to yourself even! :)


  1. What a fantastic way to spend some quality family time with everyone sitting around listening to a story, a good one is always such a bonus!

    I'm glad you enjoyed this series and good on you to be donating these books so that others can also enjoy them!

  2. Thanks, Darlene! When I was growing up my mom would read to us all the time. We loved it and would beg her to keep reading so long that she would start falling asleep and start reading stuff that wasn't there! It was so funny to hear the nonsense that would come from her subconscious as she started to drift off!

    I love to read to the kids and Tammy and have been trying to do it as much as I can. I'm just glad they like it as much as I do! :)

  3. I just found your blog and am so glad I did! I have been looking for some books to read for myself and to read to my son.

    The reviews are very helpful! I have so much fun reading to my son, keeping his attention is the hard part!

    Well I am your newest follower, feel free to drop by my blog and follow me as well!

    God Bless,

  4. I love reading your reviews. It makes me want to read more. I love to read but find myself not having much time for it anymore. I think I will start to make time, thanks so much!!

  5. Thank you Cheilsea! You should try the audiobooks. I take the CDs and rip them so I can put them on my MP3 player. Then I can listen to them while I work. It makes the day go so much faster! Sometimes, though, its really nice to curl up with real book! :)

  6. That's so nice of you to donate them. You'll make a lot of people very happy!

  7. These books do sound exciting. I agree, it is very nice of you to donate the books. May your "bread come back on the waters" soon.

  8. I am enjoying Saturday very much. He is an interesting writer and I like to read it aloud because it reads so well aloud. I read it to myself however.

    The fact that your family reads together is a wonderful idea and your kids are very lucky.

  9. Susan, Nancy, Bernie, Thank you so much for your kind words!

    I'm glad you are enjoying Saturday, Bernie, it was definitely a different kind of book and I wasn't sure how I would like it at first but after I got into it a ways I enjoyed it!