Friday, February 11, 2011

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern - Lillian Jackson Braun

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern
By: Lillian Jackson Braun
Published: 1967
Audiobook Read by: George Guidall
My rating: Wonderful

If you remember, I listened to The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers and really didn't like it. I decided to give the series another chance by getting the very first one, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, and was very pleasantly surprised. Now, with this second volume in the series, I am once again thrilled to say, I LOVE IT!!

Jim and Koko have to move because the house they have been living in is going to be demolished. But where to move to? Jim's salary isn't going to allow for much. But he has a surprise awaiting him when he arrives at the Daily Fluxion! A new supplement is being added to the Sunday paper and Jim is tagged as the man to be in charge! The big question in everybody's mind is, "How is Jim Qwilleran, veteran crime reporter, going to handle writing a supplement on Interior Decorating!?" Indeed, this is the foremost question in Jim's mind as well until he finds out the assignment comes with a raise!

As he immerses himself in the world of Blanched Almond drapery, Majorelle Blue upholstory, and Moss Green goat-hair rugs, Jim discovers that the decorating world can be a dangerous place! In no time at all he finds himself surrounded by theft, fraud, and murder, sending his crime reporter's instincts into a frenzy of activity! Koko as usual, has to help him solve the mystery, while at the same time convincing him he is a lonely cat who needs companionship. As the mysteries are being cleared up, romance is taking hold. For Koko? For Jim? You'll just have to read the book to find out!

This was such a fun book! I loved the antics of Koko and the view of interior design from the odd perspective of Jim's less than fashion conscious mind! It was so much fun seeing Jim try to fit in with these decorators, and the hilarious outlook of his photographer, Odd Bunsen, is priceless! The story itself is so well written and flows smoothly from beginning to end. As before, the mystery isn't particularly deep, but is well conceived and gives the book a great plot to carry it through.

I listened to the audiobook read by George Guidall, who does an absolutely phenominal job of bringing it to life! I love his voice, and the way he handles the cat noises is great! He is fast becoming my favorite narrator! Don't be surprised if I begin to pick books because he is the reader over any other reason!

Overall, this is another wonderful book in this fun series! If you haven't already read the first one, go read it and then read this one, you won't be disappointed! I am so very glad I didn't let my first impression stop me from the enjoyment I am having in these books!


  1. This is the kind of book I love to read. I'm going to see if I can find it and do the first one first as you suggested. If not, I'm in for this one. The front picture definitely would have lured me in if I just saw that alone. Thanks for the tip.

  2. This sounds interesting, I wish I had time for more pleasure reading but I save that time to connect with others here on blogger. This is how I spend my me time most days. Have a fantastic day Andy!

  3. Nancy, I'm sure you'll love it! If you do like it, there are over 30 books in the series to keep you going for quite a long time to come! :)

    Darlene, you really should try audiobooks, at least a little at a time while you're driving here and there! You'd be surprised how fast you make it through a book that way! :) But whatever you do, don't cut back on your blogging! We would all miss you very badly if you did that! :)