Friday, November 26, 2010

Peach Cobbler Murder - Joanne Fluke

Peach Cobbler Murder
By: Joanne Fluke
Published: 2005
Audiobook Read by: Suzanne Toren
My rating: Delightful

When I saw the words "Peach Cobbler" and "Murder" together in the title, how could I resist? This was an interesting romp in the frozen world of Lake Eden, Minnesota, where warm baked goods and hot coffee are a welcome escape from the sub zero cold!

Hannah Swensen, the owner of The Cookie Jar, Lake Eden's best and only bakery is just about sunk by the upstart bakery that moves in across the street! The Magnolia Blossom is run by two sisters who's sole purpose seems to be running The Cookie Jar out of business. Despite inferior quality treats, they use a seemingly foolproof plan of contests and special promotions to keep the business coming through their doors instead of Hannah's. But one contingency their plan didn't seem to cover was murder. When a body turns up in the town of Lake Eden, it's not the police who solve the mystery, it's Hannah. Despite strong warnings from the police to stay out of the way, Hannah sets out to figure out just what happened and very nearly winds up regretting it!

This was definitely a fun story and I enjoyed the crazy way Hannah goes about her detective activities. The plot was well thought out and I didn't figure out the crime until shortly before the big reveal. Hannah is surrounded by many friends, all of whom love to get involved in a juicy investigation, despite the fact that none of them are qualified to do so! Unfortunately for the police, if it wasn't for Hannah, a murderer would go free! So for the foreseeable future, if there's a crime, there will be no stopping Hannah Swensen from trying to solve it!

I was a little disappointed by the fact that Hannah so blatantly and openly strings two romantic interests along. Call me old fashioned but one should only be romantically involved with one person at a time. The way she uses each man against the other left me with a somewhat lower opinion of her than I would have liked. To be quite honest, if I found myself in the same situation as either of these two men, I'd be telling her "Adios" and never looking back! One man obviously cares deeply for her while the other is just not right for her. It was very frustrating to see her knowingly abusing the love of a wonderful man just for the sake of having fun.

I listened to the audiobook read by Suzanne Toren who did a spectacular job! Her narration brought the story to life for me. I especially loved her cat sounds which were so realistic that she could almost have had a cat in her purse while she was reading!

Overall, this was a lot of fun and I intend to get another of the series to see what else Hannah can get herself into!

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