Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Hostile Hospital - Lemony Snicket

The Hostile Hospital
By: Lemony Snicket
Published: 2001
Audiobook Read by: Tim Curry
My rating: Delightful

Wanted for crimes they didn't commit, (we know who did commit them) the children are on their own. Not even Mr. Poe can be counted on to help them (not that has ever been much help in the past) so they must stick together and take care of themselves!

Finding very little chance of escape, the children fall in with The Volunteers Fighting Disease. The odd group is heading to Heimlich Hospital to sing to the patients and pass out heart shaped balloons. The Baudelaires are excepted readily as the newest volunteers and transported away from their pursuers. Unfortunately, as has been true so often, Count Olaf finds them and concocts yet another nefarious plan. (A phrase which here means, trying to remove Violet's head completely without her written permission!) Fortunately for the youngsters, they have learned a thing or two about how Count Olaf's mind works and are able to turn the tables on him using some of his own tricks. But how were they to know that all of their efforts would still land them closed up in the trunk of his car heading who knows where?

This book was a little bit different from the others because the children are completely on their own, no Mr. Poe, no guardian, and nobody to help them out of a tight spot. I liked the change of pace and am curious to see how the series progresses from here. They are very resourceful children and each new situation seems to push them to more and more inventive solutions. It's really quite thrilling, in a totally preposterous sort of way. Which is what makes it so much fun! :)

Once again, we were well entertained by Tim Curry's performance! I think it would be most difficult to find anyone better suited to read these books!

Overall, this was a great book in the series, changing up the normal pattern. If you have followed the series this far, don't stop now!


  1. I was giggling at your post about the Ch instead of J... because now I have to start calling my friend Jennee.. Chennee, just to annoy her!

    I have an update on Noah, I will email you...

  2. I think the CH thing is what we imitate the most in an effort to be funny.

    I was wondering about how things were going with Noah. I'll be watching for your message.

  3. Haven't read this one. I did read the final installment. Won't spoil it. I just needed to jump ahead.

  4. That's cheating, Nancy! :) I started to read a review of the last one but I was afraid of ruining the surprise! :) Only five to go but it may be awhile before I get to the rest of them since the kids are out of school and we won't have as much time to listen to them. Besides we decided to take a break and listen to a different book next.

  5. love these book series never heard the audio ones bet they are awesome with tim curry

    Everyday Life

  6. Tim Curry is great! The author did a few of the early ones and was not very good at all. Tim can do such a wonderfully evil voice for Count Olaf!