Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old Dogs - Donna Moore

Old Dogs
By: Donna Moore
Published: 2010
My rating: Great

Well, after becoming friends with Donna here in blog-land I just had to give one of her books a try. Tammy and I read this one to each other and let me tell you, it has been quite an experience! :)

Two little golden dogs never had so much fun! Everyone wants to take them on a trip with them to somewhere! There's the three antique ladies with a young girl, the two strange guys who don't seem very bright, the young man who's head seems to be in a cloud, and the sophisticated gentleman who seems preoccupied with something else! Then of course there's the nice young woman who picked them up at the airport and graciously let them stay with her for a bit to catch up on their sleep and get over their jet lag, and that nasty, conceited, pipsqueak who pretends to be in charge of some kind of museum. Now, who should they go with? Choices, choices, what's a priceless jewel encrusted gold dog to do?

Donna's mother says this book has too much foul language and I have to agree. But aside from that, this was a hilarious romp that kept us in stitches all the way through! We laughed and laughed at the comedy of errors that is portrayed. The ridiculous chain of events is so very unlikely that it is just believable. We liked Kyle the best, with his complete naivety and innocence, he was a delight to follow. He was the source of most of our biggest laughs. This book had so many faces that in the end it was hard to decide what kind of ending I was hoping for, but I was surprised to find one final twist awaiting me!

Donna's style is different from anything else I have read and I found it very entertaining. The story flowed nicely and the rotating view of events gave an interesting perspective on the whole plot. Each set of characters had their own appeal and most of them were actually likable even if they were in the act of committing a crime! The only struggle we had was caused by our uneducated American brains which didn't understand some of the Glaswegian dialect! :) However, we were able to follow the plot without any trouble and roughly figure out the meaning of the strange words and phrases we came across! I would love to find an audiobook read by someone who could do an authentic Glaswegian accent!

Overall, this was a great book and was so much fun! Just be prepared for a lot of bad language.


  1. I love a book with a great twist at the end! Thanks Andy for the Link you left on my blog,that was fun! This one does sound like a great read. Blessings jane

  2. You're very welcome, Jane!

    With all the crazy twists this book had I shouldn't have been surprised by one final twist but I was! :)

  3. Andy - thank you for the wonderful review! I now have a huge smile on my face. I apologise for the swearing :o) Oh, I would offer to translate those strange words and phrases for you, but you might prefer not to know :o) Thank you.

  4. You are very welcome, Donna! It must be odd reading reviews of your own work. I'm so glad I liked it and could give you a good one! :)

    I kind of figured that's what some of those words and phrases were! :)

  5. I have just finished reading 'Old Dogs' and thoroughly enjoyed it laughing out loud all the way through, much to the annoyance of my partner. He will soon understand why as he is planning to read it when he has finished his current one. All the way through I kept thinking what a great film it would make, along the lines of 'The Italian Job'. I have not come across this author before but am completely hooked on her. Brilliant brilliant book!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Donna's great and is a lot of fun. That's her up above in the comments. You can reach her blog by clicking on her name. You should check it out.