Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Death Of A Dustman - M. C. Beaton

Death Of A Dustman
By: M. C. Beaton
Published: 2001
Audiobook Read by: Graeme Malcolm
My rating: Great

Well, Hamish is at it again! When the local dustman gets himself murdered it seems there is no shortage of suspects! Of course Hamish has to butt heads with CI Blair but that never held Hamish back before! He goes out and starts asking questions and making guesses until he has figured out exactly what he knows....absolutely nothing! Will knowing nothing stop Hamish from solving this case? Of course not! Hamish doesn't need clues and facts to solve a case, his Highland instinct is quite enough. So, armed with intuition, wild guesses, and a few questionable clues, Hamish brings the culprit to justice!

This is yet another book in Beaton's wonderful series. I have come to love Hamish and really look forward to my visits to Lochdubh! All the characters in this little town are so much fun and have such unique personalities. I also look forward to finding out what Hamish's latest romantic conquest is going to be. He is such a ladies man but has the worst luck in love!

I listened to the audiobook read by Graeme Malcolm and once again I absolutely loved him! I can't imagine a better voice to bring these books to life!

Overall, this is a wonderful series and I have loved every one of them so far! They are quick little tales with an engaging mystery but I think the picture of life in Lochdubh is really what I enjoy the most! Don't hesitate to give them a try! :)

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