Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lunch At The Piccadilly - Clyde Edgerton

Lunch At The Piccadilly
By: Clyde Edgerton
Published: 2003
Audiobook Read by: Sally Darling
My rating: Good

 My friend Sam introduced me to Clyde Edgerton and this is the first of his books I've tried.

Carl loves his aunt Lil dearly. She is like a second mother to him and since she never had children of her own, she feels the same about him. He knows she needs to accept some changes in her life since she fell, but how can he tell her things like "You can't drive anymore," or "You might have to stay in this nursing home." She is determined to continue on with her life just as before but even she has to admit, things aren't as easy as they used to be. She's having trouble remembering things, and getting around is an awful lot of work these days.

When she meets L. Ray Flowers, she finds a little excitement is still possible. He's a preacher and has some far out ideas that she thinks are just Jim Dandy! As Mr. Flowers plots how he is going to revolutionize the nursing home industry, the ladies of Rosehaven seem to either fall head over heels for him, or absolutely despise him. Either way, he is certainly the center of attention! Aunt Lil is ready to follow him anywhere but life has other ideas. She has a few miles left to go and a few more adventures left in her. Nobody is going to keep her down, at least not as long as she has her walker nearby!

This was a really odd book for me. It is a look at life in a nursing home and some of the crazy antics of these elderly folks are hilarious. There are plenty of sad times too as each one remembers painful memories. Clyde's style is odd as well and there were a few times where I found it difficult to follow. There were several scenes where the ladies are discussing this or that and I realized that Clyde's writing was accurately relaying the confusion that would actually be happening in real life in the same sort of situation. This was a very touching story as well as you witness the love and tenderness Carl has towards Lil. However, the amount of minute detail included about trivial things like what each character had for lunch, was a little bit too much for me. As far as a plot goes, this is just a view of life as a nursing home resident.

I listened to the audiobook read by Sally Darling who did a wonderful job. I have listened to her before and I very enjoy her performances.

Overall this was a good book but it's not for everyone. It is a touching story and should be read with little expectation of surprises or excitement. I do intend to try out another of Clyde's books, since I gather he has covered a pretty wide range of subject matter.


  1. Andy,I worked in a nursing home for about a year and a half,the residents were all unique,and most still had a lot to offer. Meal times seemed very important to them,they were pretty set in their ways,but most were pretty versitile,and sweet.Sounds like a good read,Blessings jane

  2. This one and Water For Elephants both give a very moving picture of life in a nursing home. My heart goes out to those who are left alone and forgotten by their families.

    I can imagine that you would have heard some pretty funny things working there, as well as some really great stories of the past.

  3. This sounds good. I bet I'd like it.

  4. Andy, this sounds like an interesting fun read. One day I know that I'll get to read something more than all these darn textbooks! Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Darlene, something tells me you'll keep studying something or other for the rest of your life! I think you just thrive on it! :)

  6. I don't know about this one. Let me know when you read others by the same author. I'd be interested in what else he writes about.