Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to Do When You're A Bored Kid

Cheyenne has a friend over today and after a day of playing in the woods, running around the house, hide and seek, and who knows what else, they couldn't figure out what to do.

When I realized what they were doing, I just had to get a video of it! I sneaked out the back door and went around the end of the house. I was holding the camera around the corner so I was out of sight but, as you can see they still caught me! :)

They basically chased me back inside where I was going to stay until Wesley decided to join them. Well I just had to get another video of the three of them! After one failed attempt to sneak up on them from the far side of my truck, I crawled up on my garage's flat roof and was able to catch them again:
If you look close, each of the girls is wearing one boot and one shoe. They informed me they were counting the number of honks, (10) and "VROOOM VROOOMs" (2) that they were getting. They did inform me that they were not doing anything if a police car went by! :) As you can see, Wesley just wasn't into as much and soon after I came in, he was back inside stating the fact that it was cold.

So, the next time you're bored, give it a try, you never know, you just might have fun! :)


  1. LOL, that's funny! You were so busted with your camera, you need camouflage! lol

  2. Well Darlene, I think the problem is Tammy's habit of whipping the camera out all the time, therefore they are always on the lookout!

    Thanks Jamie! What made it crazier was that they kept at it for over an hour!

  3. Looks like the kids were having fun,no cameras allowed,lol. This was cute! Blessings jane

  4. The funny thing is, they chased me away when they saw the camera, but pestered me the rest of the evening to watch the videos! :) I think the problem was, they wanted to know the camera was rolling so they could ham it up even more! :)

  5. bahahahaha this made my day. My siblings and I used to do the same thing at my Grandparents house when we were younger. Those were the days. I can't believe you crawled on top of your garage! Crazy Andy!

  6. Glad to see the new generation having fun doing fun things that are free and being creative.

  7. I'm glad I was able to brighten your day, Cheilsea! My brother and I used to stand by the road and juggle. It was fun to have people honk at us! As for my garage roof, the side is built into a bank and the edge of the roof is only about four feet off the ground so it isn't too crazy! :)

    Nancy, I know what you mean, so many kids are hung up on going places to have fun and mope around the house bored when they can't. Our kids are pretty good about finding ways to have fun but when this friend of Cheyenne's comes over she really brings out the fun in them! We love having her around! :)

  8. That was so cute, it reminds me of being a kid. My favorite part was how excited they got when someone honked!!

  9. I have watched these quite a few times and have yet to get tired of them! It's so much fun to see kids having fun! They were very excited about getting honked at weren't they? :)

    Thanks for stopping by Candace!