Friday, December 10, 2010

Wesley's School Christmas Program

Last night we attended my son, Wesley's, Christmas program at school. This is Wesley standing in front of his display table about Spain.
If you follow Susan Mills' wonderful blog you might have seen a story about this in my comment. Anyway, The elementary school has been working on studying various countries, and for the after program fellowship time, the students were standing with their displays answering questions about their respective countries and passing out samples of various foods from said countries. The food that we were assigned was Flan. Now, my wife had no idea how to make it but thought she could muddle through. However at 8am yesterday morning she was lying in bed, miserable with the nasty head cold that rampaged through our family over the past few weeks. I do not know how to make Flan nor did I wish to learn. My idea was to buy a few cans of Spanish Peanuts and serve them in Dixie Cups to the patrons of Wesley's display. Anyway, in the end, my saint of a wife, dragged herself out of bed and with much hand washing and disinfecting of herself, made the Flan, spending all afternoon in the kitchen! By the time she was done, she was about to collapse but she insisted on going to the program so she could see Wesley in action. She really is a saint and I love her very much!

Back to the program itself. The entire elementary school was involved from pre-K up through 4th grade. Wesley is in the 3rd grade by the way. This is the littlest ones in action:
Joseph seemed to find his costume a bit uncomfortable and kept pulling at it and itching. At one point he pulled the neck down and jammed his arm down through it up to the elbow so as to scratch some stubborn itch! I must confess that these little unintentional displays are what make programs like this the most enjoyable for me! :)

Here we get to see Wesley in action:
The three golden creatures beside him are actually stars even though they appear to be children in costume. The one in front wearing the stylish shades is "First Star" and was so very full of self importance since she was the first star to be visible in the night sky. The middle star is "Lucky Star" who is full of positive attitude and has a very optimistic outlook on everything. The star at the top is "Falling Star" and most of the time needed crutches to get around because he kept falling down and hurting himself. There was also "Rock Star" who loved to rock-n-roll, "North Star" who was old with a long gray beard and was full of wisdom, and "Shooting Star" who ran around in her cowgirl hat and boots shouting "POW POW POW".

The theme of the program was that despite how important the stars were, Jesus is the true star of Christmas. The end of the play had all of the stars and other cast kneeling around the manger, giving Christ their devotion and showing that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus.

Finally I had to include this picture of yet another youngster performing a random act of hilarity! Also note the face of the boy on the top left in the sweater vest. Again, these are the most fun of any program!
Overall, we had a wonderful time and the Flan ended up being a big hit. There were tons of people roaming around so I didn't get to try much of the food available but I did manage to snag myself a little Italian Ice Cream which was quite tasty! :)


  1. What wonderful pictures and how great that your son can go to a school like that. You are all blessed in that sense for sure.

    Love flan. Oh, it is just the best!

  2. Thanks Nancy! This is the first year the kids have been going to this school and they absolutely love it! There are only about 265 students Pre-K through 12th so it makes for a very relaxed atmosphere where most everyone knows everyone else. They have a wonderful music program as well which both of the kids are enjoying!

    We really are blessed to be able to send the kids there. God has provided for over 3/4 of the tuition to be covered by financial aid and an anonymous donor, otherwise we would have never been able to afford it! :) He truly is good to us!

  3. What a fun night! I miss when my kids were young and in things like that. He's adorable! Oh, and thanks for the mention!

  4. Thank you Susan, I won't tell him he was called "adorable" though, he'd die a thousand deaths! :) It is such a proud moment to see your children in something like this! I love going to see them in action!

    You're welcome for the mention! I like getting a chance to spread the word about great blogs! :)

  5. Wow, this is so awesome and touched my heart. This post brought back floods of memories of when my children were small and they still had Christmas concerts. I loved them! Today we're not so fortunate, with our diverse culture many schools have opted out of doing anything to celebrate Christmas, no plays, no parties, nothing and it irritates me to no end. Keep Christ in Christmas. The cultures who do not celebrate the birth of baby Jesus take the same amount of time off, so is this proper? In my opinion nope, not one wee little bit.

    I hope that my granddaughter attends a school where there still are Christmas concerts, I'd love to attend. Grandma just might have to take her to church on Sunday's I'm thinking, it would be awesome for both of us. :-)

    The children are so adorable and you are so right, it's the itching, scratching, sneezing, coughing, etc. that makes the concerts so adorable. Your wife is a true angel to not be feeling well and do all that work and still make it to the concert. It's amazing how much strength God has given to mothers.

    Have a fantastic weekend Andy. Cheers!

  6. Thanks Darlene!

    I have to admit that taking my kids to church was a big part of the reason I started going to church myself. We had struggled to find the right church when the kids were babies and had pretty much given up. As they got older I decided I needed to find a church for their sake so we started looking again and found a great church! The kids absolutely love going to Sunday School as well as church. In the end it was good for all of us and I'm so glad that we made the effort!

    The school is wonderful as well. It is half an hour away but there are enough students in our area that they have a bus that comes here. It is wonderful to have them in a Christian school where we know they are learning about God as well as being around caring people.