Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaving Things Hanging

It's never a good idea to leave things hanging is it?

Well, I've really left things hanging here!

I am getting ready to re-roof the house but before I could start I had to repair some water damage that had happened over the porch. It should have been quick and easy but as with everything, it blossomed into a much bigger job than I anticipated!

I'm going tomorrow to get the lumber to build a new beam but until then, I guess I'm letting it all hang out there! :)

Hopefully by the end of the weekend this section will be all done and re-roofed! But then I'll have the rest of the roof to do!

To Be Continued.....


  1. Ahhh a bit of a project I see. I'm looking forward to this one, I might learn something about roofing... not that I'd ever get up on a roof but I'd like to learn just the same. Please keep us posted and more photos please as the work progresses. Have fun!

  2. I will definitely keep you posted on this one. I am planning to set up my time-lapse camera to capture the whole process of doing the roof itself. But there will be plenty of photos as well!

    As for having fun.....I'm not sure that's going to be as easy! :)

  3. Andy, I have to tell you that I both admire and envy the skills that allow you to take on a project of this magnitude. I think I could do the "deconstruction" part of the project alright, but I would be in a heap of trouble after that. :-) Good luck.

  4. Sounds like such a big job!

    And that's totally my luck for something to end up being a much bigger job than I plan on.

  5. Thanks Sam! My dad was a builder so I learned a lot about construction and how to figure out what I didn't know how to do. However, I really hate doing construction and would rather do something computer or electronics related. But no matter what I end up doing, it is really nice not to have to pay someone else to work on my house! Now my car...that's a different story. I don't even want to touch my car, I'll gladly pay someone for that! :)

    Domino effect Karen, it's a rule for me, not an exception! :)