Friday, August 5, 2011

Roof - Surprise

Well, I know I'm way behind on posting the progress on my roof but I'm getting there!

If you read my Phase One post you saw that I was presented with a little surprise when I was working on the back section of that end of the house!

This was supposed to be the easiest section of roof. The plan was that Tammy and I would work together pulling the shingles off and then she would work on pulling the nails out and getting it cleaned up and ready for the new shingles.

In the mean time, I was going to tear off this little ugly awning that had become quite an eyesore as well as a trap for cobwebs and stray leaves.

Everything was going great until I got the awning torn off. I discovered that the original flashings were installed wrong and had been allowing water to work its way down under the shingles and behind the siding.and into the wall over top of this sliding door! I literally could poke my finger through the plywood on the outside of the wall it was so rotted! I had to tear the entire top of the wall apart so I could rebuild it! Fortunately it was only rotted above the door so I didn't have to go down the sides at all which would have been really hard to do!

That wood you see behind that plastic sheeting is the back of the paneling inside the house! For once I was thankful to not have drywall in there or it would have been a much bigger mess to repair. I was able to rebuild the wall and nail the paneling back in place and be done! I still need to do a little more repair work on the outside and get the siding back up but the wood is solid now so I'm pretty happy!

Thankfully, this was the last surprise I was faced with while doing this roofing project! I'd love to get a hold of the roofers who re-roofed this house about 12 years ago and strangle them for not fixing the flashing the way it should have been instead of leaving it there even though it was wrong! Of course, based on the quality of the workmanship I saw everywhere else, I'm not surprised that they didn't care!

So the next step is framing in the garage roof to eliminate the flat roof and make it peaked to match the rest of the house!!


  1. We should just all go back to mud huts. When something goes bad, you just doze it and start over :)

    At least you found it before anymore damage was done, and have the "know how" to fix it!

  2. I'd rather do tree houses! They're more fun! :)

    Yes, I am very thankful to have the skills I have. I can't imagine how much money I would have into this whole project if I had to hire a contractor!

  3. i guess it was good you found it before more damage was done but wow more work. good luck on the continuing project

  4. That's awesome that you've finally finished this job, it sure must be a huge relief to you. What a ton of work, there generally is something that is going to go wrong, in any reno I always allow extra time and money for the inevitable, if it goes off as first planned then it's a bonus!

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Now you can relax finally.

  5. Yes Becca, I was really glad to be finding it now when it wasn't too difficult to fix instead of a few years down the road when it was causing major issues!

    Yes Darlene, you bet I'm glad to be done! I'll be posting more pictures and videos of the process.

  6. It will be so nice to have everything new and clean and to know that your roof is safe.

    What a project. Someone must be proud of someone around there.

  7. It has surprised me just how long this whole project has taken! But you are very right, knowing that there are no more leaks is quite a comfort and my wife is quite happy with me! :)

  8. This series of posts about your roof remind me of why I'm not in a rush to become a homeowner!