Saturday, July 16, 2011

Roof - Phase One

Well, I figured it was time to explain why I haven't been around the blog-sphere very much lately. I have been spending most of my free time getting a tan on my roof! :)

Seriously, I have a darker tan than I've had in years!! :)

Well anyway, If you have read these two posts you know that I had to rebuild my porch because of water damage. That damage was due to the roof leaking so the real project was to re-roof the house to stop that from happening again to my pretty new porch!

So, this was how I spent my holiday on July 4th! I woke up and got an early start, intending to make short work of this front section of roof: (Short was the desire but not the reality!)

First, the shingles came off and I pulled the thousand or so nails that remained sticking out of the roof:

Then the bottom row of plywood had to be removed because that was where the leaking had been and it was rotted out:

Then I had to repair the rotted rafters:

Then after getting some new plywood in place I was finally able to start putting down the new shingles:

And finally, the finished product:

Now I say "finished" but this is just the first section.

If you notice, we changed the color of the roof from red to this nice gray-blue. It just makes sense since the trim, the posts, and the doors are blue, right? Well, the truth is, we changed that stuff from red to blue a few years ago so it is nice to get the roof to match once again!

Now for the fun part! I set up my timelapse video camera to catch the whole process! I wanted a good vantage point, so despite Tammy's fears of me getting myself killed, I mounted it way up on a telephone pole!

The second half of this video is a bit boring because it is of a different day when we were doing a small section on the back and you can't really see it very much. Not to mention that while I was working on that section I found another place where there had been a leak and I ended up spending most of the day tearing out and rebuilding a rotted out section of wall! But that's a story for my next post.

You'll notice that Tammy came up and started helping me when I was about half-way done with the shingles on the front. She did this because I was so exhausted by the time I got that far that she faced her fear of heights and helped me finish! She has continued to be a huge help as this project continues and I am very thankful for her!

Enjoy the video:

So there you have it! Isn't it crazy the lengths to which people will go to get a tan?


  1. Wow, that makes me tired just watching you work. I love the blue-gray tiles. It all looks great. How blessed your wife is that you can do a job like this yourself. I'm proud of her and the heights thing. I wouldn't want to be up there.

  2. wow i'm tired just from reading this but it's looking great love the new color

  3. Wow, what a fantastic job Andy. I LOVE the blue shingles, fantastic choice to match the trim! I hope my roofers move this fast, I bet they wish they did as well... can you just imagine the money they'd make? lol I love your videos, they're so awesome.

    Show off, about the tan that is! lol Enjoy your day!

  4. Thank you all! It is really good to see things getting done! I am a week or so behind on posting my progress. Today I started putting shingles down on the biggest section on the back. I would say I am about 75% complete as of today! I'll get some more pictures posted soon!

  5. I still don't understand this whole Manual Labor thing, but it looked cool. :-)

  6. I will never know what it is like to be handy.

    On a side note- Ive been reading again. Thanks for reminding me how fun and important it is!
    ♥ Celina

  7. Karen, manual labor is when you are crazy enough to think you have the time to get a project done! :)

    Celina, I have been very thankful over the years to be able to do this kind of work for myself. No my car on the other hand, I don't touch that!
    I'm glad to hear you are enjoying a good book!

  8. Andy!! The roof looks awesome so far! Your time-lapse camera is the bomb; those are the only words I can think of to describe it right now lol. I hope you and your family are doing well. I've been off and on with blogging as well lately.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Thanks Cheilsea! I was actually working on the very last bit of it last night! I only have about an hour or so of work to have the roof completely finished! :) I'll still have a lot of siding and stuff to put back and repair but the hard part is almost over! (I'm way behind on posting my progress but I'll get it caught up!)

    And yes, I agree, that camera is the bomb!! :)