Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends

Well if you read my post on Leaving Things Hanging, you saw that my front porch was in need of some help, like this:

Well, I had to rebuild the beam to give the poles something to do so Tammy helped me get it put back together:

The poles were really happy to be holding something up again. But the ceiling was needing some attention as well:

I had to add 2x4s crosswise to support more 2x4s running lengthwise to support the vinyl soffit. Finally I got aluminum bent to cover the beam, put the gutter back up and installed the soffit back in place. It looks a lot better now:

It's a happy porch now!

And now just one more picture of Tammy helping me so very much!

She really is a LOT of help, even if she sometimes just stands there looking beautiful! :)

Now for the roof itself.......


  1. Wow, what a difference and what an excellent job! Hats off to both of you! I love seeing the before and after shots, thank you for posting them.

    Tammy you really are a big help, even if it's "only" standing there looking beautiful! ;-)

  2. Thanks Darlene! Tammy is a huge help! She has been up on the roof these last couple days helping me tremendously! She is my right hand in everything we do! I hope to have another post up tomorrow of the first phase of the roof.

  3. I don't get it. You actually did the work yourself? Aren't there people that get paid to do that stuff?


  4. Yes Karen, there are. The problem was finding one that would accept payments of say...$25 a month! :)

    But as they say: "A penny saved is a penny earned." So in reality, I paid myself several thousand bucks! I just cant remember which pocket I put it in!

  5. I love this! I miss having a porch.. great job!